shipped to a business $350 + shipping $180

Local pick up. $350 

88-98 Chevy Silverado 

Steel RAM AIR hood with a 2.5 inch rise

This is a top grade custom made hood

The hood is made from high quality steel 18G

Easy install, use your factory bolts and hinges

the hood has reinforced steel cross beams so it wont buckle

This hood gives your truck an aggressive and stylish stance above the rest

The hood ships on a pallet so it does not get damaged in transit

the hood ships to a commecially zoned business address

The hood ships to a business with a dock

Or the business has a forklift

Or the business has three guys to unload the pallet 72" x 36" x 50" (110 lbs)

The business must be able to accommodate a tractor and trailer, 18 wheeler

If not, its an additional $70.00 for a PUP to deliver the hood

If you do not have a commercial address we can ship the hood th the truck freight terminal HuB and you can pick it up there. Somtimes the HUB is 45 minutes from you and others it will be 3 hours away. 

Shipping to your home or apartment building is about $320.00, Plus the cost of the hood